All you need to know about boutique homes wa.

All you need to know about boutique homes wa.

Urban Design is proud to be one of the most sought out home builders in the state. We strive to best the best home for your personalised needs. The term personalised and custom, work hand-in-hand. That’s exactly what we do at Urban Design. We work with you to create the boutique home of your dreams.

 “We specialise in custom homes to suit your own person style. Whether you have a taste for mid-century classics, or luxe modern architecture. Urban Design has it covered.”

What is a boutique home you may ask? A boutique home is one in which is created with care and style. Boutique means commitment to craftsmanship and quality. Standard everyday building companies focus more on a “quick build.” Getting you in your home as soon as possible is usually their end goal. Whereas boutique home builders like us at Urban Design, focus on striving to provide you with a personable experience from day one. Getting your ideas from paper, to seeing your ideas come to life once the construction is completed.

“From the early design phase to handover, we aim to take personal responsibility for all our clients’ wishes. Assuring our customers are given a superior quality home to last a lifetime.”

During the boutique building process, we aim to provide continuous communication with our clients. We offer inspections of the property. Which are with our expert onsite supervisors. This happens at various stages of the building process. And lastly, we allow changes to be made during both pre construction, and during the actual construction process.

Urban Design are renowned from superior quality, excellent customer service, and Innovative design. We design our boutique homes around functionality, style, and structural guarantee. Our goal at Urban Design is to build a home. A home that you will be proud when you walk through and show to your friends and family.

If you have any further questions and would like to speak to one of our professionals – Call us on 9309 6029. Our office is located at 2 Levant Place, Kingsley WA, 6026. Feel free to send us an email –