Multi Unit Developments

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Multi Unit Developments

At Urban Design, we understand the strong potential and advantages behind multi unit development projects. Our experience with local councils and knowledge of home design codes, give our clients options to maximise future investment returns on their residential property.

If you currently own a block of land which is too difficult to maintain, building a house behind house may be a money-smart option for possible future sale. Urban Design has all the home building options.

We provide a service which allows the homeowner to be a part of home design process. Whilst our team manages everything from title application to structure planning, we make the multi unit development process simple and enjoyable for you.

Our home design team will have a multi unit development building option to suit your needs. Whether your vision is a small establishment behind your current home, or a multi unit development (with numerous units) on a large block, we are the small home builders for you.

Developing a multi-unit complex or subdivided block can be rewarding in many ways. Our team will assist you in choosing the most suitable options for your land size. There are many reasons why multi-unit house development is a smart investment. These are – it can provide you with a more affordable resale product, usually provide a high investment return, and the possibility of having a unit in a high density area. All of these example mean more money for you in the future.

Multi unit developments work best when you have a large block size. At Urban Design we strive to provide you custom property designs that best fit with the size of your development. Big blocks mean even bigger plans!

We look forward in helping you with your multi unit development. Urban Design is located at 2 Levant Place, Kingsley WA, 6026. To contact us call reception on 9309 6029, or Rob on 0419006030. Feel free to send us an email to with any questions you many have.

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